*1995 (Košice, Slovakia) based in Prague, Czechia
The work of Jakub Choma materialise the affects of exhausted technologies. Corrupted machines relentlessly parcell anonymous poetry. Resilient generators erupt contaminated, sick images imbued with secret inner lives. Volatile, disembodied battery voices both promiscuous and repressive. Compulsory productivity. Consciously oblivious. Hysteria decompose just as paranoia condenses.

Jakub Choma’s work operates at the interstice of physical and virtual, invisible abstraction and brutal materiality. Its subjects cyclically incarnates and virtualises themselves, embodying woven structure of this process’s emotions. Chaotically oversaturated with reclusive details, images and words, their distractive surface thrives between second and third dimension, concurrently compressing and expanding. Game token, fist wedge, amulet, a material piece of information, Choma’s objects as if asking for activation, perpetual modulations, immediate control. Rather an optical illusion, leaky distinction of boundaries between science fiction and social reality, a gaming labyrinth, where surface becomes skin with pores, and reality decompose and recompose into pixel-like grains. Enfleshed memory, impure, shackled and wounded, captivated in electric thrills of feedback loops, repeats and inscribes itself through sets of its own discontinuous variations. Vapid, all consuming blankness, sleep-walking in its sleep, traversed by insomniac spurts of lucidity, mesmerized flow of expansion and contraction.

- Michal Novotný